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Women and men that live a life full of classical and neoclassical levels worldwide, where each regions customs are of our utmost importance.

Our customers maintain tastes and preferences current with the day, group attitudes, and highly sociable. They look for approval from their group as a fountains of inspiration.




We are an innovative company and producer of underwear and multipurpose for the female and male line.

Our objectives for income, growth, and development are based on market conditions and the needs of our distributors, based on the most ethical and legal principles.



 To be the best alternative of feminine and masculine underwear in addition to being recognized as a model company in Design, Quality and Price for all the tastes and stereotypes of its final users.

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Our company and it´s commercial brand PUNTO G LINGERIE, has characterized itself for prioritizing quality as one of it´s fundamental job priorities, while at the same time being recognized.

The strengths lie in the recognition of our clients about the quality and meaning offered, demonstrated in an excellent compliance, values ​​granted by our own brand and direct sales customers.


The raw material, designs and high standards of production for undergarments made in Colombia has given to all it’s Colombian producers a ´´good will´´ seal recognized worldwide.

According to these standards, C.I. Punto G Lingerie has consciously prepared to serve it´s national and international markets´ most stringent adapting designs, textures and colors in accordance with each countries idiosyncrasies.